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 2014 Reunion After Action Report 4th Inf Divn Assoc

The 2014 4th Inf Divn Association Reunion was held in Lexington, Ky. on Sept 10, 11, 12, & 13. In attendance for the B 2/8 Chapter were President George Hosso, Vice President John Shaeffer, Fran Shaeffer, John and Elaine Starkey, Al and Alta Jones, and Chuck Emery. We enjoyed the hospitality room provided for all attendees and were able to meet and visit with many veterans of the 4th ID from WW II up to the Iraq/Afghanistan era. Another fun aspect of this reunion was a large display of service related artifacts such as a case of C-Rats (ham and lima beans anyone?), a claymore mine (decommissioned of course), an M-79 grenade launcher, several Vietnam era M-16's, an M-14, and much more. This brought back lots of memories for all of us. At the general business meeting on Friday morning we were presented with our charter and welcomed into the 4th Inf Divn Assoc.
On Thursday evening we were able to join together for dinner and afterwards catch up on old times. On Friday after the general business meeting we met for lunch, then drove across the Old Frankfort Pike to Frankfort, Ky. passing through the beautiful Kentucky countryside and many of the famous horse farms in the area. In Frankfort we visited the Kentucky State Capitol, the Vietnam Veterans memorial, and toured through the historic district full of numerous pre Civil War homes. On Friday evening we again met for dinner after which we were able to visit and reminisce once more before saying our goodbyes. 
The 2015 4th Inf Divn Assoc Reunion will be held in mid-Sept, this time in Springfield, Ill. Since many of us plan to meet in Wash D.C. on this Veteran's Day to visit the gravesite of Six, I would suggest that we have a short business meeting while there to set our Chapter in motion.
Respectfully, John Shaeffer 
B 2/8 Chapter Vice President