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Comments from 22 Mar 2013

Bob "Fuzzy" Fonzino: Very often, especially on this day, I think about the boys we lost March 22, 1969. I frequently reflect on the fact that Sgt. Blake was in my position on the 11 track and by a stroke of luck, I’m here today and he is not. For several years now, on the 22nd, I make a list of all the things I have done and experienced since that day. I carry it around and add to it throughout the day. And sure enough, by the days end the list is quite long and quite incomplete. It helps me get through the day, but it also reminds me how lucky and fufilled my life has been. My beautiful bride, Bett, of 45 years, my children, and my grandchildren, are of course, all the big ones on my list. But there are also so many other things that, every year, I can never seem to complete the list. To all who survived, I am so glad you are with us. To all who perished, we will never forget you.

John Shaeffer: This is a good start and a well reserved memorial to our comrade in arms who gave all. I am proud to have served with all who were part of Co B, 2nd of the 8th, 4th Inf Divn.

Mike Hughes: I echo lieutenant Robert (Fuzzy) Fonzino's comments. I too was on the 11 track of March 22nd, along with fuzzy and John Lesser, Harvy, Blake and Doc. if my memory serves me correct we were ambushed on the way into the fire base. I remember Pete Weeks and I and others collected some pamphlets after the 1st ambush. Fuzzy, John lesser, and I remained back to take care of others business as the platoon was ordered back to the field. It was only by the grace of God that we are here today. For the next 40 years I never worked on March 22nd I have an empty feeling and seem to like to be alone on that day. Lessor and I assisted getting our wounded off of the helicopters. It could’ve and should’ve been Fuzzy, Lessor, Hughes, Raddue, survivor’s guilt, you’re damn right. GOD BLESS all the men of B 2/8.

Pete 14 delta: As has been said Mar 22 is always a special day for reflection and memories,the guys that are gone are only gone in the physical context.Our memories are intact and they will never be forgotten and the spirit of them continue on.

Roy Pline: Would like to see list of our comrades who have died since returning home. Proud to have served with all and glad we have this time to keep in touch and reunions to see each other.

Monte Sampson: As a member of the 3rd platoon, we were not in the initial contact but we were the “first responders”. The memories of that day unfortunitally are ingrained in my memory for ever. Many of the details of that day I have tried erase but after 44 years I have come to the conclusion that they will go with me to my grave. Herbie (who I miss A LOT) spent many long hours together that day doing what no man should be asked to do but it came with the territory. I too have difficulty on this day each year and often wonder if the yearly reminder is a good thing or a bad thing! Every day of my life SOMETHING reminds me of my year long experiences and most of them were very positive! I have no better friends in life than the men I served with in B Co May the brothers we lost, not only on that day but every day, be remembered forever along with the ones we have lost since! Rest In Peace my friends, we will meet again!

Mike Battle: I have never been very creative when it comes to writing,but it was a terrible waste of life,I wish I could have made a difference. It has been a difficult day.

John Starkey "Donald Duck": Did not find out about March 22 1969 until our first reunion in 1985. I served with most of these men and Sgt Blake was the Platoon Sergeant when I left. It was painfull to here the facts surounding this day. May God Bless all the me of B Company. We are brothers forever.

Sandy Raddue: Please click HERE to see the after action report starting in Feb 1969.