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 History of, and link to, the Panther Yearbook

Charles Neidel wrote

Just wanted to ask how many Remember medic Larry Dobbs? He was the one who put our Pather year book together. Found out he lives at the VA health center in Clinton OK. I went to see him today and he wanted me to tell you all hi.

Steve Wittenberg wrote
FYI......If it wasn't for Larry Dobbs and his Panther album, Mike Hughes and I, would have have never been able to start tracking down " B " company members back in the eighties......Mike, Pete Weeks and I, met at the New York city " Welcome Home " parade.,.....never really thought we get to where we are today (with help from Roy Pline, George Hosso and others).....So many vets we talk to over the years, when asked if they're in touch with buddies, say no, but they wish they were......(a shout out goes to Larry Dobbs dad, who as I recall received all the pictures Larry sent home, and got the album produced.....hats off to you, Charlie Neidel, for finding Larry and sharing his regards to the " B " company  BAND OF BROTHERS ....steve wittenberg...1 echo...'67-'68

Ron Wulff wrote

To my recollection Larry went to Battalion and asked them if he could put together a yearbook. Sometime in 67 to 68. They gave him the green light and he went to all the Companies in 2/8 4th ID and took photos and notes on who everyone was. Of course there were alot of guys that were left out as they might have been on patrol or pulling guard or ??? when he was out at the Company. I was in the Company at the time the photos were taken, but I never made the cut. But he was able to get enough photos and names of fellows that the original fellows that started the reunions had some names of fellows to start looking for.
He then sent his work back to his Dad that had a printing company of some sort and he put the book together.
If the truth be known he might be the one person that helped all of us come together at these reunions.